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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy Diamonds?
Yes! We have a Certified Gemologist at Pierce Jewelers.
We will look at your diamond and make you an offer while you wait. No appointment is necessary.
What are Labgrown Diamonds?

Labgrown Diamonds are made from the identical material as Mined Diamonds, They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as the Mined Diamonds. They are grown in a controled environment, where they can use science and technology to grow a crystal. 

Do you custom make jewelry?

Yes! We do that everyday. Many of the rings, pendants, and earrings in our Store were made right here by our Expert Craftsmen and Craftswomen. We handcraft custom bridal and custom jewelry. We can make any item that you can dream up. Our designers will consult with you and guide you through the options.

Visit our Custom Design page for more information or to contact us with your design ideas.

Do you repair jewelry?

Yes! We have experienced jewelers that can repair rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. They can repair prongs, retip prongs, rebuild prongs, shanks, set diamonds and gemstones, ring sizing, refinish and polish jewelry, rhodium plating, earring back replacement, earring post replacement, replace clasps, solder and or laser weld. We have an “In-House” workshop, the jewelry stays on the premises. 

Do you do Appraisals?
Yes! We have a full-time Certified Gemological Appraiser and a Guild Gemologist on staff.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for the appraisal to be completed.
Can you size a ring?
Yes! We can size almost any ring that is made of precious metals here in our Carmel, IN store.
There are some exceptions based on how the ring is built.
Can you tell me if my pearls are real?
Yes! We well trained staff that can determine if your pearls are genuine as well as a Certified Gemologist.
We also have pearl cleaning and restringing available.
Can I get my jewelry cleaned while I wait?
Yes! Bring in your jewelry and our professional staff will be glad to clean your jewelry while you wait. If your jewelry needs more care, we will have our “In-House” Bench Jewelers take a closer look. They will determine what work needs to be done.