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We offer new Pearl jewelry and Pearls restringing services.

A pearl develops naturally over time when a small foreign object, such as a grain of sand,
enters an oyster and is coated with layers of a smooth hard substance called nacre.
After a long period of time, a beautiful gemstone of the sea is created – the pearl.

Cultured pearls are made the same way, with a little help from us.  People place an irritant (typically a piece of oyster shell or bead) into a young oyster and place it back in the pearl beds to grow.  The nacre forms over this intruder to create a beautiful naturally formed pearl.  This was perfected by Mikimoto of Japan.  The result is a much better supply of beautiful pearls than relying on Nature alone.

Like other gemstones, pearls vary in color, shape, size, and luster.
Perfectly round pearls are often considered the most beautiful, but many value the
irregular sizes and shapes that occur in nature. At Pierce Jewelers we offer a variety of pearls for you to consider. We will work with you to create the pearl jewelry of your dreams, or restore a family heirloom to it’s maximum beauty. Our jewelers and Designers have decades of experience in selecting pearls and
creating timeless and beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime.

We offer the highest quality pearl stringing services. For a wide selection of pearl jewelry and services, visit our Carmel Indiana showroom and workshop today- absolutely no appointment necessary.

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