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Shop for your Bridal rings at Pierce Jewelers. Find the perfect jewelry for your special day. Our flawless designs and unique look will make you shine on your big day. With metals in platinum, gold, white gold, rose gold, meteorite, Damascus steel, cobalt chrome and many more, we are sure you will find the perfect rings for you.

Many of our engagement rings utilize other unique gems like Blue sapphire, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Spinel, Morganite or Lab Created Diamonds.

Pierce Jewelers is Family owned and operated jewelry store right here in Carmel, Indiana.  You can consult with our resident experts Chuck Scanlan and John Kanable to find one of our designs, or work with us to modify one to make it uniquely your own.  All of our custom design work is done in the Store, where we control the quality of our jewelry!
We carry No overpriced Designers, who are more interested in advertising than they are in making rings! 
Bring your ideas and visit our store at 114 East Carmel Drive.

A few of our designs are searchable below, browse to start to find the right bridal jewelry for you.

John and Chuck

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