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Billy Mace Imel has a skill like no other. He creates integral hunter’s knives, folding knives, and daggers. Handmaking knives is not an easy task, but one this artist enjoys. Imel uses one piece of steel and grinds it until he gets that perfect shape. The skill he has shines through when you see the satin finish of his knives. It is done to perfection! But what really stands out is the unique inlays. He uses materials that sustains its own beauty and art. He integrates materials such as exotic woods, fossilized mammoth tooth, armadillo, and mother of pearl.

He has been making knives for over 45 years.He is a  Knifemakers Guild member, and is from the local town of New Castle, IN.

Browse the collection below. Billy Mace Imel knives are for sale. Heads up, we have been selling them fast, because the level of craftmanship and artistry is outstanding. Simply walk in and take a look at the spectacular collection or call directly at (317)574-3333

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