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Consult Pierce Jewelers for expert assistance with your watch.

Quality timepieces can be handed down through generations with proper care
and maintenance. If you own a watch that has stopped performing to its
potential, bring it to the professionals at Pierce Jewelers.
We service all types and brands of timepieces, and perform watch restoration on
vintage pocket watches and wrist watches.

Every timepiece is composed of many individual working parts. A problem with
just one of these parts results in a watch or clock that does not function
effectively. The professionals at Pierce Jewelers can restore your valued
timepiece so it can function at its fullest potential. We will completely
disassemble your watch to find the exact reason for a malfunction. Your
timepiece will be repaired and cleaned internally and externally to enhance its
performance and beauty.

We have a watchmaker on the premises, so make Pierce Jewelers your timepiece
repair shop.

Call us today to make an appointment!